Facilitating 6-8 Figure Deals & Raising Capital

Assisting companies in securing institutional and private funding, alongside with orchestrating deals to drive growth.

Driving $50M+ In Revenue & Raising $200M in 3 Years

Grow Cleantech combines modern marketing expertise with a profound knowledge of capital raising to accelerate the growth of innovative companies. We help them establish meaningful relationships with new customers and investors across international markets.

our case studies

Our strategic, tailored approach consistently outperforms industry standards, making us the go-to for business growth.


  • $25M Pipe Deal in 60 Days
  • 30+ institutional meetings
Under the company name Savvy Capital


  • Oversubscribed on $10M Round between July-Sep 2023
Under the company name Savvy Capital

Chirag, Taco Digital

  • Achieved a substantial increase in market penetration and customer acquisition
  • Secured 15+ monthly sales appointments with interested prospects

Renewable Energy Company

  • Booked 50+ sales appointments with interested prospects
  • Generated $12.7M in new revenue over 12 months

Sustainable Fuels Company

  • Conducted targeted campaigns aimed at aviation and transportation companies
  • Closed one high six-figure and one seven-figure deal in the first 9 months

Process & Thesis

step one

Prospect and Investor Segment

  • Identify the ideal client profile segment or investor deal type
  • Existing network of 2,000+ investors and prospects
  • Access to enterprise prospect and investor databases (e.g., Preqin, ZoomInfo, ListKit, Crunchbase, Pitchbook, Fintrix, Capital IQ etc) at $40k+ per year
  • Scrape a targeted list of all investors or prospects that have a mandate (from the past 6-12 months) that matches your criteria
  • Verify, format, and clean data
step Two


  • Conduct market research and refine value propositions.
  • Create messages with A/B testing that resonate with the audience and drive demand.
  • Mevelop messaging sequences for email, direct messages, and LinkedIn.
  • Provide optional deck analysis for capital raising, comparing your deck with recently funded ones.
step Three


  • Set up our private email server, which is capable of sending mass correspondence at scale from domains facing the company
  • Create multiple LinkedIn accounts to establish a secondary touchpoint
step Four

Lead Management

  • A dedicated SDR converts demand into qualified introductions
  • Conduct due diligence reports on all leads prior to meetings
  • Manage appointment setting and handle objections
step Five

Campaign Optimization

  • Test various angles and strategies
  • Collect data and create tight feedback loops
  • Perform data analysis and optimize campaigns

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